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General Policies and Procedures


School Term

• School Term: Mid August through May

• SuperKids Summer Camp Program: May through August

• School Hours: 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday

Attendance Policy

• ABC Academy recommends that students should be in class by 8:00 a.m.

• If a student is absent, the parents must provide the school with notification explaining the reason for absence.

• Each student is given 1 week vacation during the school term and will not incur tuition charges for that week. During the SuperKids Summer Camp program vacation is unlimited. Please see SuperKids Summer Camp policies and procedures for specific vacation policies during the summer months.


• Fees are prepaid on Fridays of previous week. Please see tuition fee schedule for specific tuition policies.

• Anyone picking up their child after school is closed will be charged a late fee as follows: after 6:00 pm - $1.00 per minute.

• Payment of fees should be made by cash, check, cashier's check or a money order. If the bank for any reason refuses the check, the parent will redeem the check with cash or a money order plus a $50.00 bookkeeping fee.

• Full tuition is due without exceptions, such as absenteeism for vacation or sickness, beyond the one exempt vacation week during the school term.

After School Student's Special Fees

• If there is a prescheduled early release from the elementary schools no extra tuition will be charged.

• If the elementary schools are having a planned "schools out" day and your student will be at ABC Academy, no extra tuition will be charged.

• If the public school system closes school early, after 12:30 p.m., for emergency or weather conditions, ABC Academy can make accommodations for early care, provided that our normal transportation can be used from the school to ABC Academy no extra tuition will be charged.

School Holidays

• The school will be closed on the following holidays: New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

Apparel and Personal Belongings

• ABC Academy provides appropriate childhood activities; therefore the children's clothing will get dirty. They should wear washable play clothes for comfort and your convenience. Please bring in an extra set of clothing for each student upon enrollment. We will keep them in case of spills. All personal belongings must be clearly marked with the student's name. We cannot replace lost articles.

• All students are required to wear closed-in toes play shoes for safety and comfort.

• To insure that a broken or lost toy does not disappoint a child, we prefer that they use the toys we provide. Please leave all toys at home with the exception of a soft toy for naptime, a toy for show and tell activities or an extra activity specified by the teacher.

• School management highly recommends that students should not wear jewelry of any kind. ABC Academy will not be responsible for lost items.

What a Child Needs at School

Each student will be assigned a "cubby" for his or her personal belongings. Please check the cubby daily for items that may need to go home.

One Year Old'-Toddlers

· Diapers, wipes, powder, ointment, etc.

· 3 Change of clothes

· "Sippy" cup ("sippy" cups must be taken home daily)

· Blanket and soft nap item (no sleeping bags)

Preschool K2

· Diapers, wipes, powder, ointment, etc.

· Potty Training; 5 extra underwear always at school

· 2 Complete change of clothes (including socks)

· Towel or small blanket for nap

· Paint smock (old oversized shirt used for the year)

Preschool K3

· Change of clothes

· Paint smock (old oversized shirt used for the year)

· Towel or small blanket for nap

Kindergarten Prep K4

· Change of clothes

· Paint smock (old oversized shirt used for the year)

· Towel or small blanket for nap

All students must take home their nap blankets every Friday for personal care.

All personal belongings (exception paint smock) must be labeled with the student's name. ABC Academy is not responsible for lost items.

Field Trips

Parents will be informed in advance of every field trip, outing or special event away from school. A group permission slip will be posted a week in advance on the front office desk. Parents are responsible for signing the form authorizing their child to participate in the upcoming special event. The permission slip will give all the necessary information including date of field trip; location, time leaving and returning and any other necessary items students will need for the day. The permission slip must be signed before a student is allowed to go on the field trip. Parents are encouraged to chaperone.

Birthdays and Celebrations

Birthdays are very important to children and we enjoy participating in them. Cupcakes, cookies, fruit cups, vegetables and dip, ice cream and juice are suggested treats for the celebration. Please inform school management and the teacher of the date that the birthday treat will be brought to the school. All birthday celebrations take place during afternoon snack time. Nothing homemade will be accepted. Everything must be store sealed. Thank you for your understanding.


Withdrawal notice must be provided in writing two weeks prior to leaving the school. Otherwise, tuition will be due for two weeks after withdrawal.

Baby Sitting

Due to insurance restrictions, ABC Academy teachers and management are not allowed to baby-sit or transport any enrolled student unless they are related to that student and have the parent's permission. This includes weekend babysitting, whether paid or unpaid. We regret that we must insist on this policy and apologize for any inconvenience it may cause.

Emergency Procedures

· At ABC Academy all classrooms have an emergency evacuation plan.

· If students need to be picked up early from ABC Academy due to an emergency, parents will be notified immediately.

· If weather conditions or a general emergency exist on a county level, parents are required to pick up their children as soon as possible.

· In the event of an immediate evacuation due to an emergency, all students will be moved to the Marion Oaks Community Center park grounds. Parents will be notified immediately and are required to pick up their children as soon as possible.

· If phone lines are down the school can be reached on a cellular phone at:

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