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Code of Ethics

ABC Academy expects its teachers to exercise the highest degree of professional ethics in all actions they undertake on behalf of the Company. When dealing with children, parents and coworkers the following ethics should be followed at all times:

• To establish and maintain relationships of trust and cooperation with co-workers and parents.

• Project an "I can" attitude of quality educational services.

• To create and maintain safe and healthy settings that fosters a student's social, emotional, intellectual and physical development.

• To always respect the student's dignity and their contributions to the learning classroom.

• We shall not harm children. We shall not participate in practices that are disrespectful, degrading, dangerous, exploitive, intimidating, psychologically damaging, or physically harmful to children.

• We shall not deny family members access to their child's classroom or program setting.

• We shall maintain confidentiality and shall respect the families' right to privacy, refraining from disclosure of confidential information and intrusion into family life.

• To maintain loyalty to the program and uphold its reputation.

• We encourage and support both individual and team achievers.

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